# How to update a form spam keyword list

Solodev CMS offers a built-in spam filtering feature that helps minimize form entries that contain specific keywords, such as profanity.

Using this feature is incredibly simple and should only take a few minutes to update.

Step 1: First, develop your list of keywords by inspecting the spam messages you have received. Look for patterns of common words across multiple messages, all of which can be included on your spam list.

Step 2: Log into Solodev. From the main dashboard, browse to the left-hand tree and click on Settings.


Step 3: Again, using the left-hand tree, browse to the bottom and click Config.


Step 4: On the Config screen, look for the Spam Keyword List and open the accordion window.


Step 5: Enter your list in the field. Each individual entry should be included on its own line.

Step 6: Once you have completed your list, scroll to the bottom of the Config screen and click Save.