# Create a page template

In Solodev Pages consist a collection of HTML content. Pages contain Dynamic divs or dropzones throughout the page that specify where HTML content is inserted throughout the page. With Pages, users can create Page Templates – pages that can be re-used to build out more pages. This tutorial shows the user how to convert a page into a template and use page templates to build out the website.

# Step 1 -- Creating a template from a page

  • Expand the www folder and open the desire page.
  • Open the page that will be transformed into a template.
  • Click Meta.
  • In the modal window, click the arrow to expand the Advanced section.
  • At the bottom of the Advanced section, click the checkbox next to Is Template.
  • Click Submit.

# Step 2 -- Creating a page with the newly created template

  • Open the www folder.
  • Click Add Page.
  • Enter the Name, Title and Description in the modal window.
  • Under Template section select the arrow in the checkbox to choose the newly created template (all-pages.stml).
  • Click Submit.
  • The user will be directed to the new page automatically.

# Step 3 – Adding HTML content to the new page

  • With the new page open, select the empty Dynamic Div.
  • Choose the appropriate html file to insert.
  • Click Publish.