# Welcome

Solodev CMS - Create amazing websites and apps in the Cloud

Solodev is an enterprise content management system (CMS) and customer experience platform that empowers individuals and teams to collaborate on their digital transformation in the cloud.

Solodev CMS can be deployed in minutes through the AWS Marketplace. Subscription licensing is available in a Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, or container option for Kubernetes. Click on a product in the table below to view a Quickstart guide:

Name Description
Professional A single-server deployment designed for business-level projects that require moderate scalability.
Enterprise A cluster deployment with load balancing and auto-scaling, designed for high-availability websites and apps.
Kubernetes A container-based CMS deployment with orchestration via Kubernetes and Amazon EKS. Only available in the AWS Marketplace.

# Features

Easy to use for content pros
Built with marketers in mind, Solodev CMS provides a low-code/no-code experience that makes it easy for content creators and teams to publish across channels in seconds.

Designed for developers
With full access to HTML, CSS, PHP, and more, developers can create custom advanced, mobile-responsive websites and apps with robust functionality.

Create amazing websites
There’s no limit to what you can build using Solodev CMS. Make beautiful websites or individual pages with traditional template-based features.

Manage everything in one place
Solodev CMS is natively multi-site, making it easy to build, launch, access, and manage all your websites and apps from a single point of control.

Build advanced web apps
Create custom shopping carts, inventory systems, and blogs using Solodev’s built-in modules.

Integrate with third-party apps
The Solodev API makes connecting with almost any third-party app, from MailChimp to Salesforce easy. Use the built-in Swagger library to integrate modules like contact or career forms quickly.

Hybrid headless
Looking to power a front-end React, Vue, Angular, or Next.js website–or publish to the Internet of Things? Use Solodev’s modules to push content almost anywhere using our headless CMS features.

Personalize your experiences
Use Solodev’s A/B testing to create content “experiments” and optimize your website and landing pages to improve conversions.

Manage and collaborate with your team
Set up individual users and groups and manage their roles using the industry’s most granular permissions system. Invite new members to CMS deployments, assign tasks, collaborate on website projects, and manage your team at every level.

# Support

Name Description
Solodev Help Desk Enterprise customers can purchase our world-class Solodev Help Desk service with any CMS deployment. Solodev Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM EST. Click here to speak with a customer service representative.
Critical Care Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Solodev CMS customers can purchase an optional SLA with 24/7/365 monitoring and 2, 4, or 6-hour response times. Click here to speak with a customer service representative.
General Support To report a bug, submit a feature request, ask a technical question, or provide feedback, please contact us.