# Quickstart

The Solodev CMS documentation contains technical information, detailed explanations, illustrative screenshots, and helpful tips for using your CMS successfully.

Our documentation is organized and corresponds directly to the navigation tree in the CMS – making it easy to find answers based on each screen within the app. There are links to other relevant articles and additional resources throughout the documentation.

Overview Screen

To access the Solodev documentation, click on the Help link under Support in the left navigation of your CMS Dashboard.

Name Description
Navigation Use the left navigation to browse documentation based on the same tree structure as the CMS. Click each section to view its available subsections.
Filter Refine your search of navigation sections and subsections.
Version Quickly confirm the version number of your Solodev CMS in the upper left corner.
Contents Access the various content sections on each page by using the right-hand navigation.
Search Use the search field in the upper right corner to locate specific articles and topics.