# API Tokens

Add, store, and manage API tokens associated with your account, allowing you to authenticate your connection to different apps and services.

Existing tokens are listed in the table on the API tokens dashboard. Each token is shown with specific details, including the token name, the API key, and the status. From the main dashboard, you can manage the status of your API token, reset it, or delete it.

api tokens

Name Description
Name The name of your API token.
Token The API key for your specific app or service. Note that the default state is hidden, but the key can be revealed by clicking the eye icon to the right of the token.
Change Status Toggle your token from active to inactive.
Add Token Enter an API key to add to your table.
Reset Token Force a reset of your token.
Delete Token Remove a token from your account.

# Add Token

Add a custom API token to your account and manage it from your dashboard table.

add token

Name Description
Name Enter the name of your new token.

# Confirm

Once you have entered your new username, click Submit.

# Reset Token

Force an API token to reset by clicking the Reset link at the dashboard table's far right of each row.

reset token

Name Description
Reset Reset your token.
Change Status Toggle your token from active to inactive.
Delete Token Instantly remove a token from your account by clicking the X at the far right of each row in the dashboard table.