# Manage Profile

Update your account details, including your name and phone number, as well as your specific timezone and business title.

manage profile

Name Description
First name Add your first name.
Last name Add your last name.
Phone number Include the phone number you want to associate with your account.
Timezone Provide a specific timezone to help improve location services (optional).
Title List your business title, such as “Director of Marketing,” etc. (optional).

# Profile Image

Add a custom photo, image, or graphic to your account profile.

profile image

Name Description
Add Image Click the camera icon in the center of the circle to browse your computer and upload an image.
Replace Image If you already have a profile image, click the camera icon and select Replace Image to browse your computer for the replacement.

# Create Avatar

Convert your headshot photo into a realistic 3-D avatar with custom attributes.

create avatar

Name Description
Create Avatar Click the blue button to launch the avatar builder, take your photo, and customize your avatar.
Cancel End the process at any time by clicking the Cancel link in the window's lower right corner.

# Confirm

Once you have completed any changes to your profile details or image, click Update.