# Module API

The Module API unlocks data from specific modules within an organization.

The Module API page will display the Swagger-UI, which takes an existing JSON or YAML document and creates interactive documentation.

Please check the server list at the top.


Name Description
Authorize Click this button to authorize yourself and gain access to Swagger.
Swagger Management Select a method name to expand the section.

# Authorize

Gain access to Swagger.

Bearer Authentication (token authentication) is an HTTP authentication scheme involving security tokens called bearer tokens. The name "bearer authentication" can be understood as "giving access to the bearer of this token." The token is a cryptic string usually generated by the server in response to a login request. The client must send this token in the Authorization header when requesting protected resources.


Name Description
Value To authorize yourself, copy and paste the value found in API Tokens.
Authorize Authorize yourself.

# Swagger Management

Use Swagger. Any action method in controllers can be tested from the user interface. Select a method name to expand the section.

The executed response will be listed at the bottom.


Name Description
Try it out Click this button to unlock the fields necessary to fill out.
Fill out necessary fields Add all the necessary parameters. Parameters differ depending on the catalog you want to test. It can be a password, e-mail, etc.
Execute Click this button to execute the HTTP response.