# Scheduler

Solodev provides the ability to schedule publication of content to a live website in advance. Users can leverage the Scheduler tool to remove and replace the content of a webpage based on a predefined schedule. For example, users can create five different variations of the web page content, upload them to Solodev Scheduler, and set the dates to replace the content along with the frequency of replacement. After setting these parameters, Solodev automates the entire process.

Schedulers can be used for two main purposes:

  • Set specific dates and times for the publication of content.
  • Display a series of announcements on a web page at a given time.

This article will show the user how to create and modify schedulers for asset files.

# Step 1 – Creating a Scheduler

  • Open the folder that will contain the schedule.
  • Click Add Scheduler to bring up the Add Scheduler modal.
  • Enter the Name, Title, and Description.
  • Click Submit.

# Step 2 – Modifying a Scheduler

  • Open the newly created schedule.
  • Click Modify to bring up the Modify modal.
  • Make the required changes to the Name, Title, and Description.
  • Click Submit.

# Step 3 – Deleting a Scheduler

  • Open the schedule.
  • Click Delete to bring up the Delete modal.
  • Review the warning and click Submit.