# Users Overview

Users are the people who have the authorization to access and interact with Solodev’s resources. Administrators can assign users to groups based on specific criteria – harnessing the power of granular permissions.

Note: Administrators can mimic their organization’s structure by utilizing user groups to provide departments access and functionality specific to their jobs.

Administrators will encounter the following fields when modifying a user.

Fields Description
First Name User's first name
Last Name User's last name
Title User's position within the company
Company Company Name
Timezone User's Timezone

Administrators can use the following actions to manage users.

Actions Description
Modify Edit a user's name, title, company, and timezone
Delete Delete a User
Reset Password Reset a user's password
Login as User Allows an administrator to login as the user for troubleshooting purposes
Permissions View a user's group and object permissions
Apps Set user permissions to objects in the Solodev dashboard

# Managing Users

Administrators or “super users” in Solodev can add users and assign permissions, providing them access to certain areas of the Solodev dashboard. Administrators can leverage granular permissions by specifying the actions that users can perform in Solodev.

This article shows administrators how to add and remove users from Solodev CMS and reset their passwords.

# Step 1 – Adding a user to Solodev CMS

  • Click Users located under the Organization section of the Solodev Dashboard.
  • Click Invite User(s) to bring up the Invite User(s) window.
  • Enter the Email Address and Group in their respective fields (press the tab button after entering each email address and group name).
  • Enter the message and click Submit.

# Step 2 – Resetting a user's password

  • Under the Organization section located in the Solodev dashboard, click Users.
  • Choose the user whose password needs to be reset.
  • Click Reset Password located underneath the user’s profile photo.
  • In the Reset Password modal window, type 'RESET' in the text box.
  • Click Submit.

# Step 3 – Removing a user from Solodev CMS

  • Click Users located under the Organization section of the Solodev Dashboard.
  • Select the desired User.
  • Click the Delete button to bring up the Delete window.
  • Type ‘DELETE’ in text box below and click the Delete button to the right of the text box.