# How to add a CDN in AWS

Configure your website to use a Content Delivery Network.

# Adding a CDN

Step 1: Begin by accessing the dashboard and select the specific website you want to work with from the list of available websites.

Step 2: Once you've selected a website, click on Settings located on the right section.

Step 3: Within the Settings modal, there will be an accordion section labeled CDN Information. Expand this section, and you will see an Enable CDN option. Check this checkbox to activate the Content Delivery Network (CDN) functionality for your website.

Step 4: After enabling the CDN, proceed to enter the CDN website address and the CDN Provider. This URL serves as the source from which your content will be distributed globally.

Step 5: Choose a CDN provider from the available options. Different providers may offer various features and performance levels, so consider your specific requirements when making this selection.

Step 6: Once you've provided the necessary information and made your provider choice, finalize the process by clicking the Submit button. This action confirms your CDN settings and implements the necessary configurations to integrate the chosen CDN provider with your website.