# Forms

A form is an interactive component that allows website users to enter information that is collected and sent to a module, server, database, or even a third-party system. A form can resemble a traditional paper or database form, as a user fills it out using text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other input elements.

In Solodev, forms can be used to collect and manage information for a range of applications, but they generally serve two purposes:

  • Web forms: Web forms appear on the front end of a website, where a visitor’s information is captured and sent to a Solodev module and/or a third-party marketing automation system. There are many examples of web forms, but some of the most common include contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, registrations, and more.

  • Data Modules: Data Modules are found in the back end of Solodev and are used to add, edit, or delete entries of information or data that can power custom modules

On the main Forms dashboard, you can see all current forms in your Solodev CMS, along with their location and members.


Name Description
Add Form Create a new form by clicking the blue button in the upper right.
Location Filter your list by selecting a location from the dropdown menu at the upper right.
Search Locate a form in your system by entering its name in the search field at the upper right.

# Member Permissions

Click on any of the icons under the member column in the table to add, remove, or manage user roles.

member permissions

Name Description
Name Enter the name of a member you want to add to your form.
Role Assign a View, Stager, Editor, or Admin role to an existing member via the dropdown menus.
Add Click the orange "+" button to add a new member to your form.
Delete Click the "x" on the right side of the table to remove a member from your form.
Submit Click Submit to apply your changes