# Websites

From the main Websites dashboard, you can view and access the existing websites in your CMS deployment, manage permissions for your website members, and add new websites.

To modify a website, click on a thumbnail image or a website name from the table. This will link you to the website’s main CMS dashboard.

Websites table

Name Description
Add Website Create a new website in your CMS deployment.

You can access a website by clicking either the image or its name listed in the table.

# Permissions

Click on any of the members next to a website name to add or remove website members and manage their roles.

Permissions modal view

Name Description
Name Enter the name of an existing member or group you wish to add to your website. Then, click on the
Plus button to add it to the permissions table.
Role Assign a View, Stage, Editor, or Admin role via the dropdown menu.
Remove Click the “x” button to remove a member from a website.
Submit Once you have completed all the fields, click Submit to apply your changes.