# Dashboard

The Dashboard is the home screen of your CMS. From here, you can quickly connect to your websites and recent work, manage users and groups, track tasks, and more. You can also access advanced admin features, including the CMS file system and API.

Solodev CMS Dashboard

Name Description
Workspace Build and manage websites, access modules, build custom forms, and store documents in your CMS.
Organization Manage users, create groups, set permissions, and build contact lists.
Support View and update your team’s tasks across websites and access Solodev documentation.
Admin Manage your CMS settings for apps and workflows, set permissions, access the CMS file system, and utilize the Solodev API.

# Websites

You can access any active websites using the cards on the main Dashboard.

Website Cards

Name Description
Add Website Create a new website in your CMS deployment.

# Recents

From the Dashboard, you can quickly link to the most recent website pages, template files, documents, or images you have worked on in your CMS deployment.

To access a specific file, click on a row in the Recents table.

Recent Files

# Search

Locate specific files in your CMS using the Search bar at the top of the Dashboard. Browse for .html files, PDF documents, blog posts, images, and more.

Search field

# Profile

Use the links in the lower left corner of your Dashboard to manage your profile or log out from Solodev CMS.

Profile Flyout

Name Description
Manage Profile Open submenu allowing you to access and edit your profile details.
My Profile Check and edit your profile details.
Log Out Log out from Solodev CMS.