# Domain Registration and Website Setup Guide

DNS records are crucial for directing traffic to the correct servers associated with your domain. Here are two types of DNS records you might need to configure:

# DNS Records

'A' Record (Address Record): This record links your domain name to the IP address of the server hosting your website's files. It's necessary for visitors to access your website by entering your domain name in a web browser.

'CNAME' Record (Canonical Name Record): A 'CNAME' record creates an alias for your domain that points to another domain name. This is often used when setting up a load balancer to distribute web traffic across multiple servers for improved performance and reliability.

# Register Your Domain with GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a well-known domain registration service that enables you to purchase and manage domain names. To start, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the GoDaddy website and use their search function to find the domain name you want to use. Check if it's available for purchase.

Step 2: If the domain name is available, proceed with purchasing it through GoDaddy's interface. This process grants you ownership rights over the chosen domain name for a specified period, typically on an annual basis.

Follow the to add a website tutorial and customize your website using a CMS (Content Management System):

By following these steps, you'll successfully register a domain and your configure DNS records. You can learn more on to how to add your website here.