# WorkFlow

A workflow is a sequence of steps or processes that are triggered when someone interacts with or submits the form. These steps outline what happens from the moment the form is filled out until the final action is completed.

By setting up a workflow on a form, you ensure that each submission is handled systematically, efficiently, and consistently, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing the chances of errors or omissions


Name Description
Add Workflow Choose this option to add a workflow.
Save Choose this option to save the workflow.
Delete Choose this option to delete the workflow.

# Add WorkFlow


Name Description
Name You can add a name here (lowercase and separated with dashes).
Type Choose type. You can select from File (Saved, Staged, Published), Task (Completed by a user, Completed by a user from a group), and Form Submission.
Select user Select user by using the Browse button.
Assign to Select assignee by using the Browse button.
Tickler Information Enter the email address.
Submit Once you have completed all the fields, click Submit to apply your changes.