# Modules

The modules dashboard gives you an overview of existing modules presented as a list. Each module has details such as name, location, and members assigned to each one.

You can access all tools from the module dashboard to manage module infrastructure effectively.

To get started click on the Add Module button. If you have a module already installed, you can click on the module name to see its options and modify it.


Name Description
Add Module Click the Add Module button on the right.

# Members Permissions

Click on any of the members next to a module name to assign or remove members and manage their roles.

Module Permissions

Name Description
Name Enter the name of an existing member you want to add to your module.
Role Assign a View, Stager, Editor, or Admin role to an existing member via the dropdown menus.
Add Click the orange "+" button to add a new member to your module.
Delete Click the "x" on the right side of the table to remove a member from your module.
Submit Click Submit to apply your changes.