# Groups Overview

Access a specific group in your CMS to view all its members, add or delete members, modify roles, and manage permissions at both the member and group levels.


Name Description
Modify Update the name, purpose, and team image for your group.
Delete Permanently remove the group under Advanced Operations.
Permissions Manage group roles for specific folders and apps in your CMS.

# Members in group

View all group members, modify roles, or delete users from your group.


Name Description
Role Assign a View, Stager, Editor, or Admin role to a new or existing member via the dropdown menus.
Delete Remove a member from your group by clicking the "x" to the right of the user’s name.

# Apps the group has access to

View and manage group permissions to specific apps in your CMS by clicking the Manage button.


Name Description
Manage Allow access to specific apps, and set roles for your group.


Name Description
Allow access Check the box to the left of each app or item to grant access to your group.
Role Assign a View, Stager, Editor, or Admin role to each app in your CMS.

# Groups Review

In the Groups Overview, you can easily manage your group and its members, including roles and permissions. As an admin, you can also add and remove members from your group and permanently delete a group from your CMS.