# Update Folder

Folders are built in a nested tree hierarchy and serve as containers of all Solodev resources including files and folders to the website(s). Modify and customize folders to suit your needs. A folder can be used as a document repository for a company intranet or used to store HTML, TPL, and STML files destined for the web.


Name Description
Name Add or change the folder name.
Title Add or change the folder title.
Description Add or change the folder description.

# Website Properties

Control how folders work with websites.


Name Description
Menu Name Add or change the folder name in the menu navigation.
Rank Add or change the rank that orders the folder when displayed in the menu navigation. Lowest number listed first.
Layout Add or change the layout. The layout is predefined templates. The way the contents of a folder will be displayed in the navigation is based on it.
Levels Add or change levels. The level says how deep the elements in the folder will be displayed in the navigation.
Datable Category Group ID Select the datable category group ID. This is the ID for a group of categories.
Datable Category ID Add or change the datable category ID. This is the ID for a specific category.
Upload Image Add an image to the folder or change it. It allows querying the image associated with the folder.
Include in Website Navigation Mark this option to structure the folder to display in navigation menus.
Restrict Access in Website to Authorized Users Mark this option to protect content with a password.
Enable Publish Contents to Filesystem Mark this option to grant access to publish

# Advanced

Execute advanced operations.


Name Description
Delete Type DELETE in all caps into the field and click the red Delete button to remove the folder.

# Confirm

Once you have completed all the fields, click Submit to apply your changes.