# Add Entry

Adding an entry to a module serves the fundamental purpose of enriching and expanding the content within a website or digital platform. Each entry represents a unique piece of information, be it an article, product listing, event, or any other type of content. By creating these entries, you contribute to the dynamic and ever-growing repository of your website's content. This, in turn, enhances the user experience, as visitors can access fresh and relevant information. Additionally, modules allow for categorization, tagging, and easy retrieval of entries, making it easier to manage and organize the content efficiently.

Add Entry

Name Description
Name Enter the name of your post.
Status Select Draft to preview content that is not yet published. Select Publish to make your post live. Default: Draft.
Start The date the publication will become visible on your site. Default: published date.
Stop It will hide your post after the selected date/time. (Optional)
Groups For more granular permissions, enter the name of users/groups that should have access to the entry. (Optional)
Categories List of categories previously created. Select to categorize your post. (Optional)
Submit Once you have completed all the fields, click Submit to apply your changes.