# Redirects

Add custom redirects to automatically forward traffic from one URL on your website to another.

In Solodev, you can directly add or modify redirects using .htaccess (hypertext access), a powerful yet hidden file for adding extra functionality to your website that can make it more crawlable and indexable to search engines.

Redirects Modal

Name Description
History View the history of your redirects, compare versions, and restore a previous version to the current version.
Code editor Use code to add redirects or other functions in the editor window.
Submit Click Submit after updating your redirects.

# History

View the history of your .htaccess file, including redirects. See the date each version was created and who updated the version. You can also compare and restore a previous version to your current version.

History Modal

Name Description
Download Click on the file icon or name at the right of each row to download a specific version of the .htaccess file.
Compare Click the arrow icons or the word Compare to view your current version alongside any previous version.
Save as the current version Save the previous version as the current version.
Current file Compare your current version to a previous version and see the highlighted changes in yellow.
OK Click the OK button to close the modal.