# Update Website

Within this section, you have the flexibility to configure your site title, input your social media URLs and images, as well as include header inserts, and more.

Update Website Section

Name Description
Site Title Add or update the site title.
Social Media Manage your social media URLs and unfurl image.
Meta Information Manage your Global HTML and Head Tags.
Custom Pages Manage custom 404 and login pages.

# Social Media

Manage your Facebook and Twitter handles, as well as setting the image for sharing your site on social media platforms.

Social Media Accordion

Name Description
Twitter Handle A handle on Twitter is your company's unique username on Twitter, starting with the "@" symbol. To add a Twitter handle, enter the handle in the text box.
Facebook URL Enter the Facebook username into the text box, starting with the "/" symbol.
Social Media Image To upload your social media image, click the Upload Image button. You can also remove it by clicking Delete.

# Meta Information

In this section, you can assign a class to the <body> element, as well as add or modify Global HTML tags and Global Header Inserts.

Meta Information Accordion

Name Description
Body Class The body class consists of one or more HTML classes that are applied to the <body> element. To add a body class, simply enter one or more classes, separated by spaces.
Global HTML Tag A Global HTML Tag refers to HTML tags or code that are applied universally across all the pages of a website.
Global Header Insert The section of a website contains important information and instructions for web browsers and search engines. It helps define how the web page should be displayed, provides metadata, and enables functionality and integration with various web technologies.

# Canonical

The <link rel="canonical"> tag is used to indicate the preferred version of a web page when multiple URLs with similar content exist. It's crucial for SEO to avoid duplicate content issues.

Canonical Accordion

Name Description
Preferred Canonical Domain Select you preferred origin, staging, or CDN site from the dropdown.
Canonical SSL To set the canonical tag to https instead of http, please check the checkbox.

# Custom Pages

Manage custom 404 and login pages.

Custom Pages Accordion

Name Description
404 Page To designate your 404 page, click the Browse button to select the desired page.
Login Page To configure your Login page, simply click the Browse button.