# How to Restrict Access in Website to Authorized Users

In Solodev, you can control user access to your front-end website by implementing restrictions. This article guides you through the process of restricting access based on your website structure. You'll also learn how to create a customized login page and seamlessly link it to your restricted folders, ensuring a secure and tailored user experience.

# Prerequisites

# Restrict Access

Step 1. Go to the folder you want to restrict and on the right-side menu, click Update Folder.

Folder View

Step 2. On the modal, open the Website Properties accordion.

Update Folder

Step 3. Go to the bottom of the accordion and check the "Restrict Access in Website to Authorized Users" checkbox and click Submit.

Restrict Access in Website to Authorized Users Checkbox

# Create a login page

Step 1. Follow these steps to create a page. Shortcodes for creating a login page can be found here.

Step 2. Go back to the dashboard and on the right-side menu, click on Update Website.

Update Website Button

Step 3. On the Update Website modal, click on the Custom Pages accordion.

Update Website Modal

Step 4. Under the Login Page input, browse for the newly created login page and click Submit.

Login Page

# Link the login page

Step 1. Place the following shortcode on each page that needs to be secured.


Shortcode on file

Step 2. Go to the front-end to check you see the login page when you try to go to the desired restricted page.

Login Front-end Page