# Add Page

A page is the basic building block of a website. It acts as a container for your content while providing a general structure based on your page template and styling.

# STML Files

While a page is composed of hypertext markup and served in a browser, all pages in the Solodev CMS are given a “.stml” extension. An STML is an HTML file that contains server-side includes (SSI), which are used to generate page-generated content. STML files are processed by the server when a user accesses the related webpage.

Add Page

Name Description
Name Add the page name. The name of the page should be lowercase and separated with dashes.
Title Add the page title. This will be the Title displayed on your site.
Description Add the page description. This description can be utilized on your website's frontend or
for organizational purposes.
Available Templates Choose from the available templates. The user can skip this step if they would like to build a custom template for the page and add it later.
Confirm After filling out all the required fields, please click the Submit button to save your changes.