# Manage Folder

By clicking on the web files or www folders, you can update folder properties and access features such as uploading documents, adding links and file groups, and setting up advanced functions like A/B testing experiments.

Folder View

Name Description
Update Folder Change folder details like name or title and perform advanced functions like deleting a folder.
Upload Drag and drop or browse files into your folder.
Add Folder Create a new folder in your website and add specific details like name and title.
Add File Add an HTML or code file type into a folder on your website.
Add a Page Add a new page to the master www folder or any sub-folder.
Add Link Add and rank a link and control properties such as opening in a new window.
Add File Group Create a new file group within your website folder.
Add Experiment Set up an A/B test for page content using a Google Optimize experiment ID.
Add Scheduler Schedule a start or end date for a specific file in your Workspace.
Add Category Group and organize content items in categories.
Stage Assign files or folders to be reviewed and published.
Publish Push files or folders live on your website.
Permissions Manage user access to files and folders with specific roles.

# Members

Manage the folder access permissions for users and groups.

Folder Permissions

Name Description
Name Enter the name of a member you want to add to your group.
Role Assign a View, Stager, Editor, or Admin role to a new or existing member via the dropdown menus.
Add Click the orange '+' button to add a new member to your group.
Delete Click the 'x' on the right side of the table to remove a member from your group.
Confirm Once you have completed all the fields, click Submit to apply your changes.