# Filesystem

The filesystem page reflects the structure of information contained in the CMS, representing the data's physical (sectors) setting and assigning them to specific logical settings (files, directories) visible to the user and the application.


The main catalogs are as follows:

  • Data Center
  • Documents
  • Users
  • Websites
Name Description
Custom CSS Manage your filesystem.

# Filesystem Management

When clicking on any catalog, you can manage it by using the seven options provided. You can search for files by using the Search option at the top.


Name Description
Update Folder Change folder details like name or title and perform advanced functions like deleting a folder.
Upload Drag and drop or browse files into your folder.
Add Folder Create a new folder in your website and add specific details like name and title.
Add File Add an HTML or code file type into a folder on your website.
Add File Group Create a new file group within your website folder.
Add Category Group and organize content items in categories.
Permissions Manage user access to files and folders with specific roles.
Copy Creates a duplicate of a file.
Move Moves the file to a new location.
Delete Removes a file permanently from the CMS.